Aubrie Nicole

Aubrie Nicole

Kentucky Artist Takes a New Route to Success

By Mia Barnett

Aubrie Nicole is an innovative Pop artist from Louisville, Kentucky. In 2009 the former self-produced artist merged with Chiky D productions to form, Aubrie Nicole and Chiky D Productions. Her music describes instances of love and relationships that derive from her heartfelt poetry. Aubrie Nicole received international accolades soon after the release of her debut album, How I Feel, through Radio Aria, FM 99.6 of Longwy, France. Beginning in the church youth Gospel choir, Aubrie Nicole has come a long way, as she now knows the ‘ins and outs’ of music business because of A&R Select who has assisted in advertisement, copyrights, and promotions.
With beautiful lyrics, it is no surprise that Aubrie Nicole’s inspiration comes from the one and only Mariah Carey. As she continues to grow, she has picked up R&B and Hip-Hop like styles that can be heard in her single, “What’s My Name” and in many of her upcoming projects as well. She wants her fans to know, “I don’t ever plan on stopping…I am in this for the long run and I want to continue to grow.”
When Aubrie Nicole is not working on her music, she’s watching old movies that are in black and white, working out and writing poetry. She has started a remarkable website that caters to the lyricist and poets who do not have the capability to turn their creative writing into music. Aubrie Nicole will use her talent to bring the feelings and emotions of others to life with her voice; this service can be found at It is ventures like Aubrie Nicole’s website that set her apart from other striving artist.

“Don’t take the practical route if you have a dream on the map,” Aubrie Nicole says.

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